Things to do in Ios Greece

If you are planing to visit Ios Greece then you probably like to know what there is to do on the island?

The Nightlife

The nightlife is Ios main attraction for many of the young tourists that visit the island. You find many bars and nightclubs in the village, called Chora. But the nightlife does not start to come alive until after midnight so do not worry about being disturbed if you like to enjoy a peaceful evening dinner in Chora. If you like to party then be sure to try the nightlife in Ios. It goes on until long after the sun is up.

Streets of Ios GreeceThe Old Village – Chora

Ios has one main village and it is called Chora. It is a picture perfect Greek village with small white houses that cling to the hillside. This is a peaceful and tranquillizing place to visit during the daytime. Most tourists are at the beach so the town is almost deserted and you mostly only meet the Greek inhabitants of Ios Island when you go for a walk here then. Be sure not to miss out on this wonderful experience. It is a fantastic walk among the maze of streets of the village of Ios Greece.

Watch the Sunset in Ios

Ios has a beautiful sunset with many great places to watch it from. The most popular spot is from the top of the hill which the village clings to. It is worth the walk up the hill to enjoy the view from the top of the village. The only downside of watching the sunset in Ios from this spot is that you are on top of the village and therefore do not have a great view of the village while you watch the sunset. You can also try watching the sunset from other high points in Ios Greece. Then you will also have a great view of the village at the same time as you watch the sunset.

The Beaches of Ios Greece

Ios has many beautiful beaches, I have counted to over 40 beaches on the island, but most tourists only visit the most popular one, called Mylopotas Beach. This beach worth a visit as it is magnificent with lots of white sand and it is also close to the village so it is understandable that it is the most popular beach in Ios. But the island has more beaches that you can enjoy. Manganari is at least as beautiful as Mylopotas but does not have nearly as many visitors since it is far away from the village. As I said before, most tourists visit Mylopotas and that means that the other beaches in Ios are almost empty of people and you can sometimes have them for yourself.

The Museum and excavation of Skarkos

You find a small museum at the main road of the village in Ios. It is open everyday except Mondays between 08.30 and 15.00. The museum displays the history of Ios Greece. Most of the items are from the excavation of the prehistoric settlement of Skarkos on the island. You can also visit this excavation that it is located just outside of the village.