The Old Town of Ios Greece

The old village of Ios Greece is located on the hillside above the port. You can reach it by walking up the donkey steps from the port or by taking the bus.

The old town is made up of small white houses with narrow streets in between. These alleys are filled with tourists during the busy nightlife of the summer months. Most people who visit Ios Greece do so because it is the best party island in Greece.

But Ios island also offers beautifully scenery as you can see in the picture above. And it is well worth visiting for anyone who like to experience a genuine Greek holiday. Come to Ios during late June to the end of  August if you enjoy partying or during the rest of the year for a more relaxed an peaceful holiday in Greece.

You can also see the two large churches of the old town of Ios Greece. One is located at the bottom left of town on the image and the other in the middle top of town. Ios also has many smaller chapels. Three of them can be seen on the very top of the hill. It is said that Ios has one church for each day of the year.

You can read more about Ios Greece on this site and I can also recommend visiting for more information about the island of Ios Greece.

It is an amazing island and I hope you will like Ios Greece as much as I do if you choose to visit it this summer.