The Sunset from the Top of the Village

There are many great places to watch the sunset from when in Ios Greece. One of the more popular ones are from the top of the hill which the old village of Ios clings to as seen in the image bellow.

The top of the Village in Ios Greece

It is a steep walk up the hill but it is worth it for the breathtaking view of the sunset from this spot. You will have a panoramic view over the surrounding hillsides and the water. This is truly a romantic place to watch the sunset on Ios. Bring a bottle of Champagne and enjoy the view with someone special to you or just come here alone or with your friends for an unforgeable moment in Ios Greece.

This a popular place to watch the sunset on the island so be prepared to share it with other tourists. But Ios is an island of social interactions so do not be scared away by that.

There are other great places to watch the sunset on this Greek island. Try one of the other hilltops surrounding the village. From there you will also have an amazing view over the village like in the photo above. You do not have that if your are right on the top of it.

Most people come to Ios Greece to party but that does not mean that you can not enjoy the beauty of the island as well. And the sunset here is one of the most beautiful in Greece so do not miss the opportunity to watch this show when visiting Ios island.

After the sunset is over you could head down to your favourite pub and kick start the night. The nightlife in Ios Greece is amazing and the day is not over when the sun goes down. In fact it has only just begun and the party goes on long after the sun is up again!