The nightlife of Ios Greece is amazing with many bars and clubs to choose from. This page will list some of my favorite ones that I frequently visit when I am on the Island of Love.

My favorite bars and clubs in the Ios Greece nightlife

  1. Sweet Irish DreamSweet Irish Dream – One of the largest nightclubs in Ios and my favorite place to end the night. It does not start to come to life until after 3 am so do not come here to early. SID, as it is also called, does not close until 7-8 in the morning so you will have plenty of time to dance the night away, and the morning too if you like. The club plays a mix of modern club music with the occasional classic dance hits. You find Sweet Irish Dream at the main road. Follow the steps down from the square and you will come out right at its entrance.
  2. Slammer Bar in Ios GreeceSlammer Bar – A place you can not miss in the nightlife of Ios. Try the famous Slammer with the Hammer. Put on a helmet, drink a strong drink and get hit over the head with a hammer, or any other suitable object. The place also has one of the best atmospheres among the bars and clubs on the island. It is very cosy with brick walls and arches that divide the bar into smaller rooms. The music is everything from the latest hits to summer classics, like tunes from the movie Grease. It is located right next to the main square of ios village.
  3. Blue NoteBlue Note – The Scandinavian bar on the island features a large dance floor and a long bar with plenty of drinks to choose from. They also have a couple of tables if you like to sit down and have a drink but they are more often used to dance on. This place is as most crowded in the early part of the night, so come here then to meet people from Sweden, Norway and the other Scandinavian countries. You find it 60m from the main square in the direction of Red Bull Bar.

That was my top three list to the nightlife in Ios. But the island has many more pubs and clubs worth a visit. Here are a couple of more that you might find fun to party in.

  • Disco 69Disco 69 – This is one of the most famous clubs in the nightlife on the island. It is also one of the most popular one among tourists. The reason for this is probably because it is relatively large and located close to the main square of the village in Ios. They play a great mix of different music styles and are open long into the morning hours. Join the party and dance until the sun is up.
  • Nightlife Ios GreeceThe Wall outside Disco 69 – Well I do not like the club that much but the wall outside is great to sit down on and rest your legs. Buy a drink in one of the night open stores, sit down on the wall and talk to anyone sitting next to you. You will always meet lots of new people here. Try to stay away from the tree since it is filled with sleeping birds during the night and they are pooping constantly. But who cares about that when you are happy and drunk in Ios? Also try not to fall backwards as it is quite a nasty fall if you do.
  • Ios Blue at Main SquareIos Blue – When it comes to sitting down and having a drink then the Main Square in Ios is the place to go. You will find many tables and chairs here. Sit down and order a drink or two, relax and watch the nightlife. My recommendation here would be Ios Blue with one of the best bartenders in Ios, but all the other bars at the Main Square are very nice too. Do not expect to be allowed to sit down if you are not buying a drink though. The square is very small and empty tables can be hard find.

This is my guide to the nightlife in Ios Greece. But keep in mind that there are many more clubs and bars here. The ones above is only a small factions of them all. You will not be disappointed if you come to Ios to party since the island has one of the best nightlife in the Mediterranean sea.