Beaches of Ios Greece

You will find many lovely beaches on the island of Ios in Greece. This is a small island but it has around 43 different beaches. Some are long and full of tourists. Others are small, hard to reach and often deserted so that you can have the beach all to yourself, even at the peak of the season. They are the perfect place to relax after a long night of party in Ios village.

Here I will list all beaches within walking distance from the main village on the island. All distances below are walking distances measured from the main bus stop at the village of Ios, Chora.

Mylopotas Beach

Mylopotas Beach in Ios Greece

  • Distance: 1.5km
  • Length: 850m
  • Width: 90m

This is the most popular beach in Ios and therefore also the busiest one on the island. You will find lots of daytime activities here, both in and out of the water. Rent a sun bed or lay your towel on the sand for free. There is lots of room for both alternatives. Visit the Far Out Club if you are up for a beach party.


Kolitsani Beach

  • Distance: 1.2km
  • Length: 150m
  • Width: 10m

This once was a nude beach, but I have not seen any of that take place here in a long time. It is a small beach made up of fine sand and some rock formations.


Valmas Beach

  • Distance: 1.6km
  • Length: 40m
  • Width: 30m

A very small beach with a single tavern just by the water. It is at easy walking distance from the main village of Ios and a wonderful place to spend an afternoon by the sea. Relax and listen to the waves when you take a drink at the tavern.

Yialos (Gialos)

Yialos Beach Gialos

  • Distance: 0.9km
  • Length: 480m
  • Width: 30m

A large beach that is located right next to the port and it is quite popular among tourists during the summer. It is on close walking distance from the village and a nice place to relax and watch the ferry’s as they come and leave the island. This is also the last place to have a swim before leaving Ios for other Greek island. If you can leave! It is not that easy once you have fallen in love with the island’s magic atmosphere.



  • Distance: 2.1km
  • Length: 75m
  • Width: 10m

A small beach located after the larger beach at the port of Ios. The sand on this beach is more rocky than on some of the more popular ones on the island.


Koumbara Beach in Ios Greece

  • Distance: 2.7km
  • Length: 175m
  • Width: 25m

A very beautiful beach on Ios with water on two sides. This pearl among the islands beaches is often overlooked by tourists but it is well worth a visit if you are on the island this summer.

Agios Theodotis

Agios Theodotis

  • Distance: 9.5km
  • Length: 650m
  • Width: 50m

A breathtakingly beautiful beach. Long and wide with lovely white sand. This page is about beaches within walking distance from the village and this one is almost 10km away so it is a tough walk in the hills of Ios. You can always rent a moped if you are not up for the walk to get here. This is definitely a beach that you have to visit when you are on Ios. Just like you have to visit Mylopotas and Manganari Beach. Manganari is even further away and if you like to visit that beach then I recommend taking the bus, hiring a car or moped.

This ends my list of beaches within walking distance from Ios Village. But remember that the island has many other beaches to choose from that is a little further away and more suited to visit by car or motorbike. These include Cape Karatzas, Diamoudia, Kalamos, Kambaki, Loretzena, Manganari, Neraki, Papa, Plakes, Plakoto, Psathi, Tripiti, Tris Klisies, Vathirema and many more. So you have many lovely beaches to choose from when in Ios. Some are among the most beautiful ones in Greece.